Piano Lessons for
Children ages 8+, Teens, & Adults


(In-Person Only)

This private piano lesson program is designed to support students in:
  • Beginning or resuming their piano study and playing.
  • Learning effective piano technique that gives you comfort and control in playing with beautiful musical tone and expression
  • Playing from a variety of styles of written music
  • Playing by chords and develop your ear 
  • Creativity at the keyboard/basic improvisation
  • Developing effective practice habits and enjoying the process
  • Performing/Sharing your musical expressions with skill and confidence
 ***We have periodic Student House Concerts so students can have valuable and enriching performance experiences.    It's also an opportunity for our students to invite family and friends to enjoy their musical expressions. We have a great time!

"Anita... thanks for all you do and your patience with me."
Adult Piano Student
Sandra Negron, ABR Broker 

To inquire about rates and setting up an initial lesson, send a message through the Contact page.




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