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Voice and Piano Lessons at Anita's Music Studio


"Throughout my short time span of working and knowing Mrs. Anita (a little over 1 year), my experiences with her have been beyond incredible. Mrs. Anita is very Humble, Talented, Loving, and Caring. She is very passion-driven in her gift with teaching others. I took Piano/Vocal Combo lessons with Mrs. Anita and she has helped me expand my gifts tremendously.
Ms. Anita pushed me to have a desire to follow my dreams with music. She has shown me very effective techniques for practicing the piano. Before I started working with her, I had many doubts with piano but Mrs. Anita has shown me ways to make playing piano not only a learning experience but a true creative expression. In my voice lessons she introduced a very effective singing approach called Throga. Studying Throga with her inspired me to get a master’s degree in vocal pedagogy. Mrs. Anita is the best teacher for both voice and piano. I have no doubt that like me, every student who studies with her improves
in many ways." 

-Ashleigh Wright
R&B/Pop singer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Pianist



"Thank you so much for being the amazing piano teacher and human being that you are."
- Donna Meckel (parent/Army)


"Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!!" Kasie Willis (parent)
"Thank you so much for working with Titus. He has not stopped reflecting on the quality of the sessions he spent learning to develop his voice. Your professionalism and knowledge has spoken volumes in his eyes even to this day."  
(Connie Cunningham - parent)
"My directors feel very good about where we’ve gotten vocally and I believe the show will turn out great.
"   Cole Miller (student and "Albert Peterson" [lead] in Augusta Christian Schools Fine Arts Department production of Bye Bye Birdie)
You have been wonderful with him and he has come so far thanks to your teaching. 
We are so grateful for your help. Cole loved his time spent learning from you. You are a gifted teacher. ❤️"
Suzi Miller (mother)

                                                   (Amani - Pop & Musical Theatre)
"Had a wonderful time! You have an incredible ensemble of talent, those kids blew me away!!!! You are a fantastic teacher!!!"   
- Vanessa Craft (parent)
Cheryl Johnson
(Voice) Professional Jazz Vocalist

"If you are a singer and you’re looking for a vocal coach, I highly recommend Anita G. Houser!  Let me share a little bit about my journey to becoming a professional singer. 
I have been singing since I was 7.  I started in the church choir, then later in High School I sang in the chorus.  In college, I sang in the Jazz Ensemble.  I always worried about being able to hit certain notes.  I didn’t want to sing certain songs if they had notes in the break of my voice.   If I had a performance there was so much anxiety around performing that I couldn’t enjoy it. I eventually stopped singing all together because I didn’t have a strong voice.
Five years ago, I started singing again.  I found a vocal coach that was well-known in the Atlanta area because he worked with professional singers. He talked to me about the fundamentals of singing and how the voice works. We did a lot of warm ups (scales) and he helped me interpret songs with a jazz, relaxed feel.  There was some improvement, mostly in my confidence.  I still didn’t have a strong voice and there was a big difference in the quality of sound between registers. 
About a year ago I contacted Anita and shared my frustration with other vocal coaches. I explained that I was very discouraged and didn’t think my voice could get better. She agreed to be my virtual coach.  Anita listened, asked clarifying questions and then took copious notes on my responses to better understand and pinpoint the issue. We met weekly at first and then monthly.  It was November when we started working together and I was scheduled to sing Have Yourself a Merry Christmas in December, in a key that was not comfortable.  Since the orchestra was accompanying me, I could not change the key of the song. Anita created a practice routine for me with targeted exercises that strengthened that part of my range, just in time.  This allowed me to confidently sing in the key of G!   I received rave reviews on my performance. 
Since that time, I have gotten several gigs, which I would never have accepted without the expert coaching and support from Anita.   And today, September 10. 2017, I won first-place in the Lawrence awards, this is a local singing contest that raises money to support the Ronald McDonald House.  Today we raised almost $2,000 to support this charity. I received a perfect score from all judges on both songs!!!  Simply Amazing. 
If you already sing professionally, but need someone to help you address a specific vocal concern, Anita Houser is the vocal coach for you.  If you dream of singing professionally, but aren’t sure how to get there, she will help you.  I can’t say enough about her gift to teach.  You just have experience it for yourself!"
Julia Armstrong (parent of teen piano student)

"I'm so pleased with her (Jordan's) progress and she really loves taking lessons with you!!    Our home is filled with beautiful music as Jordan explores chords and songs she loves!  We are so thankful for you!"
Ashley Hughes  - Voice (Neo Soul/Musical Theatre)
(5/9/17)  "Good morning!
Today is National Teacher's day and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and everything you do! You have truly changed my life and given me a new perspective. I admire your strength, tenacity and kindness. You have inspired me to continue my purpose.

Thank you for everything,

Ashley Hughes"

Gabriella Allen - Voice (Pop/Musical Theatre)
"Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and an inspiring one!!
You've helped me grow and I am so thankful for you."  


Joy Mobley - (Voice) Singer-Songwriter (Contemporary Gospel) www.cdbaby.com/cd/joymobley
"Anita Houser is a phenomenal music teacher!  She is very organized, helpful and is in tuned to what you need to work on to advance as a vocalist.  Anita is very knowledgeable and professional I would recommend her to anyone!"


Mamie Thomas - Voice

"Anita, Your Kindness and Patience are Timeless.  
I am so Grateful.  Mamie."   - Adult Vocal Client

Calin Wharton - Voice (Pop/R&B/Gospel/Classical)
South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities 
Residential High School, Music Department for Voice 

"To my voice teacher Mrs. Anita G. Houser, I love you so much. Your methods have changed me as an artist, as a individual, as a Christian.  My lessons whether through Skype or face to face helped me to better my talent. You always found a way to inspire me, and even to this day I think "Mrs. Houser said the exact same thing woah.    

I'm so thankful for your amazing expertise, and time that you spend helping me form my talent, and allowing me to grow as a person.  You have truly changed my entire life, and I am so thankful to have you as my mentor.   I take in so much more than just the music.  I take in a new lifestyle and a new attitude.  Thank you so much!!  


Shannon McDougal - parent
"Once again, I want you to know how much I appreciate you, and what/how you are teaching the girls (Sloan and Hunter).  I have seen their growth (in piano and voice), and enjoyed hearing the results."  
Joshua Michael  (Piano)
"The only downside about choosing Mrs. Anita Houser is that one day when you have to leave, she will not be able to move with you to your new area of residence.

She is a wonderful teacher who has taught me not only what to learn, but more importantly how to learn. Our year and a half together was merely my first few footsteps into the awesome world of music, and if I started it all over again I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to start this journey with!"  

Jacqui D.  (Voice) (Pop/Musical Theatre)
"You are so right when you say singing starts in our minds! I'm more confident in my voice and am coming to realize that I actually like it haha. I used to need people to tell me I was talented so I could start to believe it to be true. But now I'm starting to feel like singing is for me to feel connected to my higher self and feel the joy it gives me."


C. Robinson  (Voice) (Pop/R&B/Inspirational)
"I was thinking about you this morning.  Your skills as a vocalist and pianist are superb.  However, it is your ability to connect heart-to-heart that I most value. Your patience and gentle direction enabled me to release all beliefs of not being "good enough".  I now sing in my spiritual center and think of you each time.  I remember to enunciate each word and hold my notes.  I salute you "Ms. Anita"."


T. Rivera  (Piano) 
"You're an amazing teacher and I enjoy my classes with you."  

Jana Rivera  (Voice) (Pop/Rock)
"I can honestly say I've never felt more comfortable with a coach ever! She immediately made me feel completely confident and comfortable with my voice and with myself. She's very caring and believes in my ability to break through my nervousness and make a name for myself in music. Apart from that she is so knowledgeable with the vocal instrument and the techniques and exercises she has taught me so far has helped me in every way. I only just began my journey with Anita but I know that I'm excited to continue. She's incredible!"  

Sandra LaFleur  (Voice) (Contemporary Christian/Southern Gospel)
"When I decided to do this I prayed and asked God to connect me to the right person...one that would understand me and help me walk through and out of my insecurities.   I thank God for you today!"


Caroline Daniel (Voice) (Musical Theatre/Classical)

"When I decided to get back into singing, I did what every person does when they're on the search: I headed straight for Google. I found a good selection of voice lesson options in the CSRA, but Anita's Music Studio caught my eye. It had a down-to-earth, homey yet business feel to it; it was just what I was looking for. 

It turns out my gut instinct was right - taking lessons from Anita was an amazing decision for my short time in Augusta. I have learned so much valuable information that I can take with me.

She accommodates your needs and is an inspiration to me, and I'm sure many other students.  You can't go wrong with Anita! You'll learn more than you ever knew you could with this supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable woman."


Adele Kandanada (Parent)
"When I first moved to Grovetown, GA I went on a mission to find a piano teacher for my daughter.  I came across Anita’s website.  I am so glad I did!  She is a wonderful piano teacher and my daughter has not only excelled with Anita, but has also loved going to class.  She would come home and practice all on her own.  Anita is not only a great piano teacher, but a wonderful person.  We could not have been more blessed!" 

Patricia Palmer  (Voice/Piano) (Gospel)
"You are an awesome teacher and I'm learning so much.  I just wanted to take time to say thank you."

Sonia Williams  (Piano)
"I have been taking piano lessons from Anita for approximately five months and my understanding of how music is built has skyrocketed.  It has enabled me to look and listen to music with the piano in my mind’s eye before I even touch actual piano keys.  She brings excitement and enthusiasm throughout the journey of learning while I work to achieve objectives that we set together.  Piano lessons have become a pleasant productive experience."

To inquire about setting up an initial assessment, send a message through the Contact page.

Sarah (Kaplan) Van Buskirk  (Voice) (Classical)
"Anita has been working with me diligently as my vocal coach for my solo performances at Unity of Augusta.  She has provided for me very helpful tools, including singing tips that I have put to use in my practicing and performing. 

Furthermore, the knowledge that she shares about music and the mechanics of singing has been developing me into a more confident and successful performer.  Her patience and encouragement seems to be unending, as well as her kind and flexible way in coaching me. 

She is also a fantastic pianist, and I find that I feel at ease and comfortable when Anita is accompanying me.  She hands me that little, extra boost of confidence right before I perform. 

Anita reminds me that when I perform, I should be in the moment focusing on the intention of the song, because in that moment I am doing what I truly enjoy."

Caroline Phillips, Choral Director, Morgan Road Middle School (GA)
"It is always a pleasure to work with Mrs. Houser.  She is very professional, accommodating, and understanding, which makes her easy to work with.  She is responsive to musical cues and listens acutely to my choir and balances with them.  It is always a good feeling as a conductor to be confident your (piano) accompanist will be completely responsive so that you can focus on the choir.  Mrs. Houser is one of those accompanists."  

Marjorie Anita Purcell, Singer/Choral Director
"I had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Houser during my middle school chorus concert in February 2012.  I had an accompanist who had a conflict with the date of our performance and Mrs. Houser stepped in to save my concert!   I found out about her through a mutual friend, and she came highly recommended.  She was not only able to play for my concert, but she also added wonderful musicality to the accompaniment parts.  I am so thankful to her for her dependability and for her incredible talent.  I hope to work with her again very soon."  

Roy Lewis, (former) Director - Harlem High School Theatre (GA)
"Ms. Houser was an excellent piano accompanist for my students as well as providing insight to guide them to success. 
I would recommend her for her skills and professionalism in working with students and groups who need an accompanist." 

Tracy Roden, Team Advisor for Richmond Academy Vocal Competition -
Grovetown High School (GA)

"Mrs. Houser was a wonderful accompanist/vocal coach (for student vocal competition).  She was very accommodating and professional.  She was very consistent with the pieces and an accomplished pianist.  We would definitely use her again and I highly recommend her."  

Vora Davenport (Parent)
"I called Ms. Houser to ask her to provide Christmas music for (Neil) my son's senior project at Evans High School in October of 2011.  His project was directing Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" during the month of December.  Ms. Houser played over 20 elegant and old fashioned Biblical Christmas music selections for our audience members. 

It was beautifully done and it certainly created the atmosphere of Christmastime when our members walked into the theater.  She communicated with Neil and all of us the before the project got underway and even after the production.  We have received very nice reviews about her performance and how much our audience members enjoyed the music.  Thank you Ms. Anita!" 

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