Private Voice Lessons (In-Person)
Children Ages 10+, Teens, and Adults
(Zoom - live video conferencing available for Adults only)


If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance"

Zimbabwean proverb

Attention Singers and Aspiring Singers:
Singing Is A Skill And Art That Can Be Developed 

Whether you're a seasoned singer, beginner, hobbyist, aspiring or professional my approach, focuses on safe and proven voice instruction methods catered to your specific vocal needs.

Anita coaching Bredia Santoro (Pop)

Coaching, tools, and practices for confident, empowered vocal training, song practice, singing, and performing including:
  • Understanding and application of how your voice works and how to balance and build it through daily targeted Vocal Development exercise.   Train in muscle-memory habits for healthy, open, resonate sound production.  (See THROGA below)
  • Improving your speaking skills, decrease vocal fatigue, protect or recover from vocal damage. 
  • Integrating good singing technique and authentic emotion into your songs
  • Training on how to practice your songs effectively
  • Developing your ear and general musicianship for singers
  • Learning and implementing Vocal Health practices to take great care of your voice
  • Performance coaching
Anita is a Certified THROGA®  Instructor (since 2011)
THROGA is a science-based approach to developing a strong,
healthy and balanced voice for any style of singing

Anita teaching at THROGA Retreat 360 Mind-Body-Voice
The Retreat Palace, Orlando, FL (2019)
Discover, Develop and Balance Your Voice     
Anita uses THROGA as a foundational part of her training to
educate and train clients on how to effective balance and
fine-tune their vocal instrument in the 
7 Dimensions of Singing:  
  • Flexibility
  • Breathing
  • Intonation
  • Range
  • Tone
  • Articulation
  • Strength
THROGA®, derived from throat-yoga, is one of the fastest growing
vocal methodologies in the world, with vocalists applying its techniques 
in all 50 US States and nearly 100 countries around the globe.  

 One of the reasons for its popularity is due to its rare nature of being
universally applicable to genres and styles of singing.
Whether an aspiring singer, touring artist, public speaker,
actor or educator,THROGA can lead a vocalist to their full potential.

Required resource for lessons:

Also available:
  • Vocal Therapy to support prevention of or healing from vocal abuse/damage* (Not intended as a replacement for medical advice, please see an Otolaryngologist (ENT) for serious problems.)
  • Studio Recording preparation (and support during recording sessions - for an additional fee)


Anita in a vocal recording session with Joy Mobley (Contemporary Gospel)

CLICK HERE to read what Anita's clients have to say about training with her. 

Anita's Music Studio has periodic Student House Concerts per year so local students can have valuable and enriching performance experience and share music with family and friends. 

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